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(10-21-2011, 01:30 PM)Habitual_Ritual Wrote:
(10-21-2011, 01:23 PM)Louis_Martin Wrote: Did you read newyorkcatholics link, hr?

There are no aborted fetuses in a flu vaccine.

NYC said "The moral theology / ethics of using these vaccines is complex"...which in terms of the use of fetal cells lines is not the case at all.I wanted to clarify that point for folk as the waters were muddied here.

And actually some flu shots do indeed us aborted cell lines in their manufacture,specifically the PER C6 cell line in shots made by Medimmune....so your simply wrong on that score.

I'm not sure we really disagree ... I just want to point out that the Pontifical Academy for Life is not that reliable.  In my experience, the NCBC actually is *more* reliable.  So even if I would disagree with them here (I'm not sure what my own position is yet), I'd consider what they have to say.

What do you think of their arguments?
Any medical procedure that requires the induced death of another human is morally repugnant and a clear form of medical Cannibalism. I include organ transplantation in this also.It's a little known fact that organs from dead people, even the very recently expired are no good and so organ harvesting happens to folk who are "Brain Dead" ,a term that is little understood and under constant revision.

In the old days organ donors were harvested without a general anesthetic and the body would convulse violently.This freaked the attending nurses  out too much and so the modern practice is to sedate the still living individual before they get carved up
Do any of you know how aborted fetal tissue can be obtained for medical research?  Did you know that this happens on a regular basis?  There are "charity" organizations out there who provide for abortions, and then make a profit off of selling the fetus to universities etc.  How does it work?  A woman/girl calls an abortion clinic and says she needs an abortion but can't afford it.  The abortion clinic contacts a pro-choice charity organization such as NARAL for funding.  The charity organizations have arrangements with scientific research groups to receive funds for the procurement of fetal tissue through participating clinics.  It's all legal because of the way the funds pass through the middle-man, the "charity" organization.  The research clinics pay the charity organization through "charitable contributions" and they pick up "free" aborted fetal tissue from clinics that use funds from the charity organization to perform abortions.

It happens ALL THE TIME.  Very creepy.
Brain death is a tricky subject. They do have pulseless organ extractions. If you are at a point where further treatment is futile and the only option is to withdraw care, pulseless organ donation is an option. They bring the patient to the OR, take them off support and let them die. After a period of time the organs are harvested. The Church does allow for twin organ donation. Meaning that I could donate one of my kidneys to my son, because I can survive with just one. This also applies to the liver, you can live with part of it removed.
(10-21-2011, 08:14 PM)verenaerin Wrote: They do have pulseless organ extractions.

There is controversy here too:

Quote:The true incidence, temporal characteristics, and predictors of autoresuscitation in humans remain unknown because of underreporting in the literature. However, there have been case reports of autoresuscitation with return of neurologic function (also called the Lazarus phenomenon) after 10 minutes of cardiac asystole.[19,20]  Maleck et al. and Adhiyaman et al. described autoresuscitation 5 minutes or longer after cardiorespiratory arrest in 44% and 50% of the published case reports, respectively.[19,20]  Although cardiac asystole leads to the loss of arterial pulse pressure, circulatory arterial mean pressure is maintained in diastole by arteriolar vasomotor tone


Pulse less "donations" need to occur within 2-5 minutes so there is no way to know if an individual is really dead. After 5 mins organs are deemed suspect if not actually useless.

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