Available Young traditional Catholic ladies . . . .
(10-14-2011, 11:48 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: Funny how it's overwhelmingly men who post both surveys and comments here. Where did all the wimmins go?

I would assume that if a woman responded seriously to one of these threads, she would do so via pm.

I really really wanna make one of these threads just so the ladies know what they're missing out on.  Plus, it makes me feel like I'm making a myspace page and it would be nice to be 14 again for 5 minutes.
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not forgot upon the face of the earth, then am I a
shotten herring. There live not three good men
unhanged in England; and one of them is fat and
grows old: God help the while! a bad world, I say.
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