Gonna Lively Up the Place

OK, in order to lively up the place a bit, I thought I'd start a new game -- a twist of the old "You Bet Your Life" with Groucho:  "Say the secret word and the duck will fly down and give you $3000." Of course there is no prize worth 3K, but there will be a prize. It might be something useful, might be a silly gag, but whatever it is, it won't be worth more than $20, I assure you.

In keeping with the Fishy theme we got going, this game is called "You Betta Your Life," and if you post the secret word, a betta fishy will fly down into your post.

The rules are:

1. Post as your normally do. The winner can't have copied and pasted dictionaries or some such. If it would look to "a reasonable man" (i.e., me) that this rule had been followed, you've got nothing to worry about.

2. If the betta flies down, notify me by using the "Report to moderator" link at the bottom of your post. Include your mailing address in your report so you can get your (crappy, be warned!) prize.

3. If the betta flies down, it will insert itself into your post and you won't see it until it's posted. I don't mean for "Groucho" to be annoying at all, just fun, but it might appear in the middle of a rather serious post. Oops!


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