Be careful posting, please
There have been a lot of posts recently that are ill-formatted. Please mind the following:

1. When you type in your subject, type it as if it were a headline, using capitalization in the right places. These subject lines, depending on the sub-forum you're posting to, go out on RSS feeds and onto the front page of the site. It looks tacky to see, for ex.

    Pope going to visit asia

or, worse,

    pope going to visit asia

or, even worse than that,


than it is to to see

    Pope Going to Visit Asia

2. Post in the proper places, please:

    a)  Articles about movie stars go in the "Arts, Literature, Film, TV and Such" subforum.

    b)  "News of the Weird" type stuff that's more for entertainment value than education and serious discussion goes in "Pig Roast," not Secular News. 

    c) Secular news -- e.g., news about what governments do, various cultural phenomena, politics -- goes in "Secular News, Politics, & Social Issues", not in "Catholic News, Discussion, History, & Culture"

    d) Just because a news item is something Catholics are concerned about -- say, abortion law -- doesn't mean it goes in the "Catholic News, Discussion, History, & Culture" subforum. If it's the Church's response to or teaching about such a thing, fine. But if it's about how, for ex.,  Protestant pro-lifers are doing this or that to effect change in the law, it goes in the"Secular News, Politics, & Social Issues" forum.

    e) Questions about Catholicism belong in the "Apologetics and Questions about Traditional Catholicism" area, not in "Catholic News, Discussion, History, & Culture."

Please, be mindful that posts' subjects often end up on the front page and in RSS feeds all over the world, OK? Type your subjects like they're headlines, and keep things in the right place. Thanks.


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