UK's Nick Griffin on Islam and Zionism
royalcello Wrote:Would you agree though QVP that there should not be any alliance with Muslims against Zionists or secularists? Why not "a plague on both their houses"?

I agree, indeed: crusades should be launched against both. In fact, Iran used to be Christian before it was taken over by the Musselmen. However, the much more dangerous enemy is the one Christ already denounced, those "who say they are Jews, and are not," "the Synagogue of Satan." It wasn't through Islam that the largest crisis in the Church arose, but through Talmudism infiltrating our ranks, even up to the highest echelons.
royalcello Wrote:Sounds good to me. I would add though that "speaking honestly about History" would include the facts I mentioned in my previous post.

Quote:This makes sense for Europeans, and for Americans like you who have a strong connection to a particular European ethnicity, in your case Italian, but what about those of us who don't? I'm 7/16 English, 1/16 German, and half "Russian" Jewish, so while the designation "white" may be somewhat artificial, it's all I have, and this is true for many Americans. Additionally, Americans of European descent tend to be perceived as "white" by blacks and other minorities whether they think of themselves as "white" or not.
The way it's supposed to break down is family, town, county, state, country -- concentric circles. But all of those designations -- including "Italian American" and any other sort of hyphenated-American with the exceptions of "African," "Hispanic," and "Jewish" -- have been rendered meaningless (maybe "family" excepted, but even that is dying). People group themselves by interests now it seems. The "white" thing is silliness to me (and would be impossible for me anyway, as my family isn't all "white") -- though with the professional race-baiters out there, it's no wonder that otherwise reasonable people latch on to that designation. When the world sticks you in a box, and then pits others against you and your box-mates, it then makes sense to think in terms of "us in the box" versus "the others" who are pitted against you.

Quote:In any case, do not Swedes and Italians, as different as they are, still have more in common with each other than they do with Nigerians or Pakistanis?
They do, but not because of color or race; they just have more similar cultural roots. Or take the Nigerian raised in Rome and contrast him with the Italian raised in China.

Quote:A "'white' Buddhist" has decisively rejected his heritage and embraced a non-Western identity, so that's not surprising. More to the point is whether you might have more in common at some levels with a secular, lapsed-Catholic "white" Italian-American than with a devout black Protestant. I submit that, in some ways, you would. And I'm sure you would not defend a black "Christian" if he were a leftist demogogue like the "Rev." Al Sharpton.
I don't consider leftist demagogues "Christian," so...
But I'd undoubtedly have some things in common at some levels with the secular, lapsed-Catholic "white" Italian-American, and I would have some things in common at some levels with the devout black Protestant. I'd feel most "at home" with the one who was kind, laid back, and had a sense of humor, to be quite frank about it.
I would have more in common with a Muslim that lives uprightly than with a white guy that uses women poorly.
I would have more in common with a Muslim that lives uprightly than with a white guy that uses women poorly.
From a secular, or even liberal-Jewish, view, one might say this, but please recall, that Muslems exploit women and that women are abused by Islam too. That's the problem.
There is no balance. Of course there might be "upright" Muslems in isolation etc., even in Western Europe, but most are apparently upright, but reject divine Truth, Jesus Christ, and their moral conduct in many ways is unholy, though it seems pious. They allow young Muslems to have sexual contacts, as long as it ain't Muslem girls they do this to. And their attitude towards women is typical for the Arabic pagan tribes Islam was born in. They treat women as property, not as women who are valuable and worthy and important, as in Christian (Roman Catholic) salvific history.
The old saying "If you believe in nothing, than you will believe everything", is applicable here. If one doesn't have the Faith as handed down by the Church thru the last two millennium then one will find something else to believe. Human nature demands something to believe in, even if it is drugs and sex.
The sterility of the Vatican II Church, Protestantism, materialism has lead, is leading and will lead people to find something that unites them with their neighbor. The faithless liberalism that takes us to the mountaintop where we all hold hands, have flowers in our hair, and sing "I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..." is nonsense that leads nowhere and eventually to the opposite that it is striving to achieve. There has to be more then good "feelings" and belief in some liberalistic creed to unite people.
If it is not Christ's Church that unites, the Holy Roman Catholic Church of Tradition then it will be race or some other false religion that binds people. It must be from unity in Christ, diversity. It must be the unity of the teachings as handed down from Christ thru the Holy Pontiffs, the Traditional Mass and Latin. If all cultures, races and languages share that commonality and truly live as Christ wants, we will have a unity in Christ that allows a healthy diversity. A diversity based upon our unity in Christ, which as Dr. John Rao points out is the exact opposite of the motto of the United States.
I am white married to a Japanese woman and I have lived previously in Japan for a few years. I have had a concern for the people of my race without actually believing in their superiority over any other race. Anyways how can one, anyone, consider that they are superior if they go back to the roots of their race? Take the Europeans, what were the Goths, the Vandals, the Franks prior to the conversion to Christianity? Look at the Semites before God selected the Israelites of the old Covenant? What was any race or culture prior to God enlightening them with His Love and Teachings? However, if we do not have unity in Christ then we will believe anything and the diversity taught, enforced, and mandated by Liberalism will only lead to hate and bloodshed.
Whatever or whomever the enemy is to Christ's Church, it must be dealt with. Whether it is the enemy in the open like Islam or it is covert like Talmud Judaism and it's spawn Liberalism then it must be dealt.
Saying all this I live in Southern California which is being submerged under an invasion from the south of the border and which I believe is a punishment from God for the sins of America. Never is the proverb more true for Mexico and applicable to the US then "So far from God and so close to the US". There are those Hispanic supremacists that tell Americans about the benefits of the Mexican families, "catholicness", etc. They sound like the Nazi propagandists and their claims about the virtues and superiority of the Aryan race. This has created feelings of hatred and will fuel problems that are now known and many yet unforeseen. The only way to solve these problems is unity in Christ, diversity. The Holy Roman Catholic Church, Tradition, the old Mass, Latin. This unity will allow a diversity that is healthy and will allow understanding and peace to develop.
Quote:The only way to solve these problems is unity in Christ, diversity. The Holy Roman Catholic Church, Tradition, the old Mass, Latin. This unity will allow a diversity that is healthy and will allow understanding and peace to develop.

Ok now go to Saudi Arabia and tell them that.[Image: laff.gif]
On a more serious note good post[Image: thumb.gif]

Thanks, Charlemagne, and you are absolutely right about Saudi Arabia.
I have a firm belief that along with unity in Christ you need a good grip on your sword.
Somehow, Vox's responses to one of my posts ended up looking like they were part of my post. To avoid confusion, I've removed her words from my post and reproduced them here:

Quote:I suppose I am a bit biased, not so much on account of my ancestry but as a classical musician. Since I regard classical music as an integral part of Western civilization and in fact one of its greatest achievements, I cannot ignore the contributions of Jewish musicians who have clearly played a positive, not a negative, role in Western culture. This has no counterpart in Islam. (How many great Muslim violinists can you name?) As a cellist I have had many Jewish (by the FishEaters definition) teachers, colleagues, and friends. I have never had any Muslim teachers, colleagues, or friends.

Vox Clamantis:
Quote:The Jews in the West grew up in the West, so they are more culturally like us than Muslims. But the Soviets were more like us than Muslims, too (and had great artists to boot), and I wouldn't want Commies overrunning the place either. In any case, there's no need to ignore the contributions of Jewish musicians. If they're Jewish in the Fish Eaters' sense, they can be admired from afar if they don't like the idea of living in a land where abortion is illegal, men can only marry women (and one at a time), one can't blaspheme Christ, borders mean something, Israel is just another country, and things like that.
Quote:So while they may not seem too relevant in 2006, those are two thoughts that come to my mind to justify the position that Islam is more dangerous.

Vox Clamantis:
Quote:To me, the question is like asking "which is more dangerous: a massive heart attack or cancer?" If you just discovered a malignant tumor yesterday and are having a heart attack now, the infarction might be "more dangerous" in the present moment, and it would be an obvious thing, too, what with the pain, tingling, numbness, inability to breathe and what not. That would be the thing to be addressed if you were rushed to an emergency room. But either one will kill you in the end, and no doctor would say that cancer is "less dangerous" than a heart attack. (And, to totally torture the metaphor, the case can be made that the cancer led to the heart attack in the first place).
Vox, what happened to my paragraph about the Habsburgs and German & Austro-Hungarian Jews? I assume you accidentally deleted it? Can it be restored?
royalcello Wrote:Vox, what happened to my paragraph about the Habsburgs and German & Austro-Hungarian Jews? I assume you accidentally deleted it? Can it be restored?

Dang! I think what happened was when I was replying to your post, I clicked the EDIT button rather than the QUOTE button! I am sorry, Theodore! There's no way to replace it -- but I hope you can recreate it!
I really am sorry...

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