The Jews think they are Collectively Jesus
This seems to be something that is very important to understand. Upon looking at some videos on YouTube I came across this lady (who has popped up in related videos before while searching YouTube):

I am well aware of her views at this point. She is vehement in her hatred of Christians (especially of the Catholic Church).

Her views are certainly not unique to her. But, in light of how she presents them we can understand a lot about Judaism as a force in this world. Essentially, it seems, that Jews hold the belief that Gentiles have no Soul (this is most definitely accepted, mystical Jewish teaching) only a psyche and animating spirit. The Jews were created  by God ( in fact they say that they are God, in a body), therefore Jews have a Neshama, or Godly Soul. Israel (the Jewish people) are the only Son of God. Gentiles on the other hand (hold on to your hats!) are a creation of the collective Jewish consciousness. Thus is it is that that every name of God in the Bible is actually a name for the collective Jewish people.

The essence of Judaism is that God is incarnate in a people, namely Israel (regardless of individual Jewish observance). They are the medium through which all the Nations come to God. Essentially, the Jews believe they are that which is Christ.

So when a Christian says" None come to the Father except through the Son" The mystically inclined Jew understands this as the the collective Jewish Soul (aka God) is the medium through which Humanity comes to God.

The whole of Jewish mystical teaching, when the morass is cleared away, proclaims this: The Jews are Jesus Christ, and only through accepting that we, Gentiles, get our existence from them, we will become free.

From this point we can all start to really understand the relationship between Judaism and the Church. Remember, that these teachings did not exist until the Church came into existence. Realistically, these views were formed in contradistinction to what the Church proclaimed.

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