The Jews think they are Collectively Jesus
Not entirely true
I csn post vids from the world church of the creator too. In the end thy is not representive of Christianity
Jews don't hold they r God Incsrnate as a people
they hold they r the chosen people of God and they r waiting for the messiah to come and reedeem them. If judiasm believed the Jews were God thenrhere would be no need for s messiah. Or even to be a chosen people
something to think about
What sect r u refering to? Mystical Jew? What a hasid? A heredi? An orthodox? What?
I've lived amongt Jews foe years I lived I. A house with hasids. Not once dis my wx girfriend or her family ever tell me hey beloved dthemselves to be God. Actually it was very very contrary  to that. They also do NOT in any way shape or form believe thenselvz to be Jesus
that's really funny though.
nice vid. But it's not representivie of judiasm or even Jewish theology or even Jewish mysticism.
I'm not a Jew. Never was a Jew. But I spent enoughtimw withthe. To know they don't believe themselves to be God. Lol
funny shit


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