The Curse Of OCPD
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I already have and read the second of the two. Truth be told, it makes God out to be a sadistic bully to me, and as Someone to not get close to. For any moment, like the Prophet Job of old, I could be struck down with anything and NOT be told why.

To me, that isn't true love but abuse, like that which I've grown up with. That makes me untrusting of Our Lord Jesus, rather than the opposite.

You've dismissed both Heliotropium and now this great little work by St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Universal Church. They're not telling you what you want to hear. Reconsider whether they're the ones who've got it wrong.

I am NOT dismissing them at all! I never said that nor have I implied it!

I can only guess that the authors never had experienced what I'm going through with this cursed Disorder, nor had anyone in their families go through this and understand what this does to the sufferers. I can only guess that it never occurred to them that their words make OCPDers like me think God takes sadistic pleasure in our suffering, which is what the Devil w
In response to a past poster on the difference between OCPD and OCD, here is a link from the website of the Aurora Surgery Center in Colorado:

Thank you for your time and attention.  :)
(11-07-2011, 08:00 PM)HailGilbert Wrote: I have Introduction to the Devout Life. A priest I confessed to in the past recommend it. There was also a Latin Mass Magazine series on the Four Temperaments and which spiritual light fits to which temperament. For those like me who are predominately Melancholy, St. Francis De Sales is highly recommended.

I will read what you suggested and thank you for doing so.


It's free here:
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I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by this word. Please explain and thank you.
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HG, you might want to turn to our Blessed Mother since you have trouble relating to God as a Father.  Just a suggestion. 
(11-08-2011, 07:24 AM)DrBombay Wrote: HG, you might want to turn to our Blessed Mother since you have trouble relating to God as a Father.  Just a suggestion. 

Doctor, you must be psychic! Thank you for reminding me of that.

Like in many things, I'm too thick in the head to get the message. Many thanks for the reminder!
Thanks to help from a friend of mine in the Midwest, I have a link to an article on the accursed personality disorder I've been suffering under. The thing I can stop obsessing over no matter how hard I want to.
how does one know it becomes obsessive?
so there is worry. as in one worried the bills wont be paid, or some such
then it gets to be obsessive when the bills to get paid but u still worry about anyway?
i know that smacks as being very simplistic but I'm just tryin to get it
or is it like what addicts go through? they obsess over getting the drugs, then when they get the rug they obsess over getting more even when they already have it, then they obsess with using it even when they just used it?
is addiction a form of ocd?
im very sceptical any book could really solve these kinds of plms. books are great. but these kinds of plms are far more then intelectual
again using the addict idea here.
tossing a book a ta  drug addict and saying read this and shut up wont really help much. thats why they have meetings and doctors and stuff. obviously with books too

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