Voris, social injustice, and Assisi III
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(11-06-2011, 04:08 AM)karyn_anne Wrote: Has someone actually written to RealCatholicTV to take them to task for somehow missing out on Assisi III, instead of simply complaining about it on this forum?

Or suggested to them that they could do a feature on it the next time?

I have, several times under several different names. No response.


Did you send them an email or write a letter?

I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't covered, RealCatholicTV does not critisize or bash the Pope/Pope's decisions. The Vortex is to uncover falsehoods concerning various liberal members of the clergy or organisations posing to be 'catholic' but instead advance the culture of death. We as faithful Catholics should trust the Pope's judgement, rather than sitting back critisizing his every move. Let us not forget that St. Francis had a deep compassion and respect for people of all faiths and his desire for peace between Christians and Muslims. No one is saying that all religions are on par.
He had respect for people and not their false religions. Unfortunately, by our Holy Father's actions, this distinction is not made.

In your opinion, of course.
(11-07-2011, 05:10 AM)PiousTemplar Wrote: In your opinion, of course.

But is this opinion true? That's the question.
(11-02-2011, 06:14 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: You're right, he's the great deciever.

I'm still not convinced that Voris has left it all alone. 

I would also again point out that unlike me or (presumably) you, Voris doesn't have a day job.  His family eats off of RealCatholictv.  It's an apostolate.  And instead of whipping out his balls to show the world what a man he is for standing up for the truth, he's probably thinking and praying long and hard about how to address Assisi. 

And if he doesn't, so what?  So what?  Are you that obsessed (yes, OBSESSED) that you have to continually harp it?  What are you doing about Assisi?  What am I doing about Assisi?  Where's your Real Catholic TV? 

Voris has done more in the way of evangelization than any of us pathetic internet teat-sucking introvert armchair theologians could even dream of, whoever is excepted is excepted. 

We spend our time on this website because Traditional Catholicism is hanging on by a thread that I am convinced, guided by the Holy Ghost will not break.  But it's damned hard to find like-minded Catholics so we congregate here in order to find some sort of relief from the hedoism of the world.  And what do we do on here?  Bitch and complain, call out left and right like pharisees who should have done this or who should have done that.

The issue isn't even so much as whether they should or shouldn't have, but to what avail does it serve our soul to constantly be bitter (yes, bitter- not righteously angry or justifiably upset) and pissy at every swining dick that has the chance to hop on a soapbox and doesn't.

Shame on us.  Do you think we just "happened to be here" for the chastisement and don't deserve it?  That somehow we're the unspotted lamb amongst a slaughter of guilty ones? 
This is what I'm talking aboot!

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