The video Palestinian terrorists want removed
(11-05-2011, 03:02 PM)timoose Wrote: Shimon Peres promised Yerusalem to the Pope in 1994. He'd run all of the Holy sites, and give a piece of the city to the Palestinians for their capital.

Here's a little bit on it from the prots, but google it and you will get tons of it.


PS both the Israelis  and Palestinians are terrorists with blood on their hands, no body fights as violently as family

Quote from site.

Quote:"Peres is reported, in 1994, to have promised the Vatican official status in Jerusalem. In February 2000, the Vatican and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement calling for an internationally guaranteed special status for Jerusalem. The agreement stated that a special statute would protect "equality before the law of the three monotheistic religions [in Jerusalem], the proper identity and sacred character of the city, [and] freedom of access" to the city's holy sites.

Isn't that something.
Christians could have access to the Holy sites prior to the existence of the state of Israel, either in British or Ottoman Palestine.
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(11-05-2011, 01:53 PM)Petertherock Wrote: At least with Israel having the land, Catholics can visit the land. The only threat they face is the missiles and homicide bombers coming in from Palestinian lands. How can Israel have any peace with a people that have the destruction of Israel as their stated goal.

(11-05-2011, 02:20 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: at preset the church is fsr beter of under secular isrealinpoloc then dhimitude. My confessor is in the hoky land right now. we need ro face the facts
dhimiude is far worse forthe church then current secular isreali policy

But, guys, we help create that situation by playing both sides of the equation. We supply the weapons, we aggravate the conflicts. Probably the best thing to do first is get the "Christians" out of the Middle East.

Yeah aside from Jerusalem becoming an international city, which the yahu seems to be reneging on, Christians should get out of Judea and flee to the mountains.

"Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains" Matthew 24:16

You know what I think might happen.  I think it's possible that when the Zionists beat the drum of war to attack Iran enough until the US and possibly others are on side, while it happens the Zionists will be building the third temple and placing their antichrist in it. (2 Thessalonians 2)
I am not talking about then eaither. They. No rhe only ones involved. And even orthey were Thu don't hae a monopoly on vision, ideology or the future.
look past and through rhe current players an their motives and try to glimpse where it's heading. There r still millions of Catholics in the region even if the recourses and loot was there to mov very single one
that's deafetism
it's extrememly short sighted. Look at  Lebanon
th Maronites once where the majority. While many hav stayed many have left. The resources loot manpower all left with them. The enemy mohamadans tackled th plm differently and their strategy is far sghted and is working ver well. With state aid from Iran and others they e actually bringing those mohamadans back thstvlwft snd designing reasons for mohamadans who csn  leave (few) to stay. of course it's not s unique strategy te Jews did the exact same thing re isreal. This has resulted in the Maronites losing much. With Iranian loot hizbolahh is buying up once cstholi blocks and land in cities for mohamadans
this doesn't mean he Maronites won't still stay and fight they will. They have never left and hve been there way before any Arab or mohamadan. But the idea of "all catholics  shoukd leave  really just hands over land to the enemy.  
thays an example. Fact is
both the Jews and mohamadans have state resource. And much of it st their disposal. Mohamadan stye have been pouring loot and weapons into Lebanon for themselves the Jews get their loor as they always did and resouces. Cstholics don't have squat. And thus need tonreally stare down some stark futures
none r favourible but leaving en mass is certain defeat.
I guess it depends on how close we think we are to the end.  Mary did promise a period of peace but with the consecration being so late you almost have to ask how long that period of peace will be.  Remember a couple of months ago in a pm to you DK I wondered if the west should try to help the Maronites get out of there and find a safe spot for them.
That's defeatism.
Many many many Maronites would see it as typical. Why bot just give up now ah well
thsnk God they never did. 
frankly if cstholics on this sight showed ven half the interest they do fo the poor mohamadans as they shoukd for their catholic brothers pehapsnyou th Maronites future wouldn't loom so grim now would it?
But see the Maronites aren't the media charmers and they do t have mutiplw states aemifn them and sendig millions and helping then bulikd and stay and all rhe rest. Yet somehow it's thr mohamadans who get the tear shots
anyway vetus is correct csthokxis dis have accsess ro the hoky sights but my post wasn't exclusive on rhe holy  sights the church is prevented from doing her mission to the fullest the mission of saving souls while under dhimitude. Dhimitude is designed just for that
hoky sights aside
why any trad would consider that a future we can all swamps is beyond me frankly
don't think for a second the Maronites  wil. Swallow it either
why shoukd they?
Rather then float theories of mass abandonmet of catholic land to e enemy it shoukd be he other way around
we all shoukd be doing what we csn in any way we csn to help cstholics stay fight go back regroup and fight an gay an stay and
Deus vult!!

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