At what point does gluttony start?
I've wondered about this gluttony issue, too (even though I'm thin I love to eat), so I'm really glad to hear about the conditions that would make it mortal. Tim, the idea of GMOs has been hovering in the back of my mind ever since I did a paper on them in highschool. Incredibly creepy- even the name Monsanto is creepy! But, it's not like we can stop eating, after all. Pretty much a catch-22, I guess.  :shrug:
That's where we are at. The Elites think we are cattle. They believe they know what is best for us. I think the solution will come as a by product in the chastisement. We are boxed in every way we turn.

This points out how important it is to each of us to have a Baltimore Catechism #3, from Tan Books by Father Connell. It is clear cut, and easy to understand and has taught generations of American Catholics before the changes. 


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