My wedding from 10/15/11
So, things were going pretty rough regarding the music and finding a priest to perform the EF. The cantor kept recommending prot hymns and HERE COMES THE BRIDES junk. With the help of Harlequin King, I was able to put together a beautiful Mass and come up with a processional/recessional. We used Mass XI and two movements of the Gothique Suite for the processional/recessional (as the Juilliard trained organist was unable to get a hold of any other sheet music!) but it was still gorgeous. The cantor had a fantastic voice.

Here are a few pictures from the wedding
[Image: DS1_6597.jpg]
[Image: DS1_6584-1.jpg]
[Image: DS1_6751.jpg]
[Image: DS1_6639.jpg]
[Image: DS1_6772.jpg]
[Image: DS1_6681.jpg]
Immodest. Shameful.  :shame:
What's immodest? I don't think you could possibly be referring to my spiffy Victorian suit. The wedding dress had a bolero to cover her shoulders. No cleavage was showing at all. Was she to get married in a sack? The wedding coordinator at the church approved of it before the wedding and the priest was fine with it as well.
What a beeeewtiful bride! I love her cranberry hair. It's the color of mine LOL.


PS: I'm sure Erin is kidding.  :LOL:
I'm sure Erin is kidding. She's poking fun at the modesty police.

Personally, I prefer the Karma Police.
Yeah, Morgan, erin is kidding.  She will do that.  Just do a five minute look around to see her opinions on modesty and you'll see that she is most certainly joking.

I think you both look great.  Congratulations, let's see some kids!
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Go thy ways, old Jack;
die when thou wilt, if manhood, good manhood, be
not forgot upon the face of the earth, then am I a
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unhanged in England; and one of them is fat and
grows old: God help the while! a bad world, I say.
I would I were a weaver; I could sing psalms or any
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haha well, the whole modesty thing was sort of annoying. Infact, the coordinator did show us pictures of white wedding sacks! Just some awful, ugly dresses. She also tried to get my wife to hike up the dress to her throat but it just was not happening.

Thanks for the compliments! My wife is definitely out of my league, especially when it comes to my likeness in photos. I am the most unphotogenic person in the world and even stress out when she wants to buy those dorky photos at Disneyland at the end of the rides.

We're definitely planning on children. Maybe even buy a farm and put'em to work!
No scapular :shame:

And congratulations  :LOL:!
That looks amazing. Congratulations, Morgan! May God bless you both.

Now hurry up and have a bunch of kids.  :grin:
Congratulations!  :clap:

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