The Cornfield

All right:  I set up a sub-forum called, as any good Hoosier would call it, "The Cornfield." This is the place where bad threads will be sent to die -- or not. It will be the place to which will be sent:  the snarky nonsense, the whining, the fights between people who insist on sharing their love with the forum instead of taking it to PM or email, threads that other moderators on other forums might lock (but which, if they do, they'd hear whining about  -- and if they don't, only more whining from the other side). I haven't decided how I want to manage it -- or not -- exactly.  It might just be a total Wild West free-for-all where no moderator goes, where spam stands, and where those who don't like moderated forums can have a taste of what an unmoderated one is like, or where those who don't like how I moderate can go and complain about me. I don't know. I will feel my way through it. But if a thread seems to have "disappeared," fear not: look in the cornfield and you will likely find it. I won't be posting re-directs.

The Cornfield is also the place that members might get assigned to -- either for a while or permanently, up to them, really -- if they persist in engaging in the above.

This forum has seen some ugly stuff lately and I want it stopped now.  If you get sent to the Cornfield, don't write or PM me about it. Use the Cornfield itself to make your case.

[Image: cornfield.jpg]
Thanks.  I'll heed the warning. :readrules:

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