Fishies in El Paso? Or Lubbock?
I know I have seen some of you post somewhere? Like Joshua Smith who is at Christendom College or will be for that matter (that is the only one that I know of so far!) :), well anyways I wanted to ask if there are any fishies in Lubbock since I will be moving there during 2012 Spring. PM, if you are from both of these locations :).

Sincerely yours in Christ our King,
God Bless, Jorge.
I'm  sure there are.You may want to check out the Lubbock website,and also the website for El Paso.Their Chamber of Commerce sites should have visitor information.I believe there are some lakes in the lubbock area. The website too will give you information on relocating there.
I hope that you were joking. I did not mean literally Fishies in the food sense. I meant people that are from Fish Eater Forums, who are either in El Paso or in Lubbock. Thanks anyway for your response!

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