Has RealCatholicTv finally responded to me?
Take a look at this thread, specifically at the response from a poster calling him/herself RealCatholicTV and then, later, Terry Carroll:


Do you think this is for real? And what do you think of this answer?
Yes, it's for real. 
Terry has posted before.  Pretty nifty they're lurkers, eh?
(11-18-2011, 10:36 PM)Someone1776 Wrote: Yes, it's for real. 

If it's indeed for real, it's the most revealing thing I've yet seen on the philosophy of RealCatholicTV.
Who would want to write that much to fake it? I think it's real.
(11-18-2011, 11:03 PM)GeorgeT Wrote: Who would want to write that much to fake it? I think it's real.

I've since done some internet searching and it appears that Terry Carroll is associated with RealCatholicTV. Whether the poster called RealCatholicTV is indeed Terry Carroll is yet to be proven. But as you say, it's unlikely that an imposter would devote such energy to a response.
I did the same a while back.  Read the posting history....
One cannot register without using a valid email address, and the email address is legitimate.
It is a very good response. I do not like everything in it, but most of it I think is spot on.
It's for real. Terry Carroll has posted here on FE five times, and you can see the posts by clicking on the "show the last posts of this person" link in the profile summary. On the Michael Voris and SSPX thread, Terry Carroll lists himself as an Executive Producer at RealCatholicTV.

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