Jewish Laws Against Non-Jews
(11-21-2011, 07:45 AM)pander44 Wrote: There are also many other rabbinical sources and halachic interpretations that refute the whole concept of Shahaks statements,evidently the person in the video did not feel it was necessary to make reference to them.and as far as an Orthodox Jewish doctor treating a Gentile on Shabbat,I don't recall seeing my family doctor ( not the cardio doc ) on a Sunday when I was in for an appendectomy or gall bladder removal ,in fact saw him everyday but Sunday.For that matter how many doctors of any faith do any sort of treatment,short of a bonafide emergency on the Sabbath.

You're missing the point about the disparity between treating Gentiles and fellow Jews on the Sabbath. That is the point. No one is begruding doctors taking time off, of course.

(11-21-2011, 07:45 AM)pander44 Wrote: And I still have to ask why post a video on a forum when you have people who are ready to pounce on any article,statement,video etc.that does not correspond to their beliefs,knowing full well that few if any will do any cross checking on the total validity of these items.And about the Jewish kids spitting on Christian kids in Israel,I suppose you are going to tell me the opposite doesn't happen anywhere else,right?Used to see it,and worse,on a daily basis.

If people cross-check, they will find, sadly, that what the video teaches about Orthodox Judaism teaches -- again, not "what Jews teach," not what "all Jews" think, not what "secular Jews" or "most Jews" or "anyone with a Jewish mother" think -- but what Orthodox Judaism teaches.

As to non-Jews spitting on people, I'm sure it does happen. But there is no general movement among, say, Catholics -- as there is among the Haredim -- to teach their children that people of other groups are beasts. Anyone talks like that about any group, including Jews -- secular, Orthodox, Reformed or whatever -- on my forum will get the boot (assuming I see it, of course).
all jews have r rules. rules for them rules for us rules for others rules for whatever
took me eyars to shake of how many rules they have. laws and rules. i never was a jew but i lived with one for years . (she was a bad jew but she still was one)
cant lean ont his wall, lean on that wall, cant walk this way walk that way. do  shirt  tup with right hand, this botton first then this then that
its nuts
no wonder many become anarchists
Yeah DK ,I know.Been married to one for many years,been a pain at times,but................wouldn't change a thing and wouldn't have it any other way.
One question please pander44?  Is it just the Haredi Orthodox Jews that follow the Halacha/Halakha/Halocho or do other Jews follow it?
Halacha is Jewish Law,broken into laws from the Torah (largely based on mitzvot,including the 10 commandments )customs,and rabbinic laws which seem to cause the most problems
due to the many interpretations of many of the older laws,including the one under discussion,that of a doctor treating a gentile on the Sabbath,as many scholars and authorities in the past 100 years have declared that it is not an appropriate law in the modern era.And as distasteful as it seem to a number of people,you amongst others on here are being compliant with one of the mitzvots,that of the attitude towards gays.I have studied both Jewish and Catholic law,I am not an expert in either,and can be rather ignorant of many aspects in both of them, I said ,I wouldn't change a thing
Do you have a good recipe for Gefilte fish?
Wife does,I don't.I just catch the pike for it.She doesn't give up recipes to easily,same as me when it comes to czarnina.
(11-21-2011, 06:35 PM)mikemac Wrote: One question please pander44?  Is it just the Haredi Orthodox Jews that follow the Halacha/Halakha/Halocho or do other Jews follow it?

Any Jew can follow Halakhah. Within the various movements there are different interpretations of what Halakhah is. Orthodox Jews observe all of the laws... Haredim are ultra-Orthodox, meaning they take on extra stringencies, basically. One of its many failings is that this leads to focusing on minutia without realizing they are doing so... leading to some seriously morally evil actions. For example: a young Haredi girl and her brother were playing with matches. The girl's dress caught on fire and her brother urged her to take off the dress. The girl refused based on the rabbinical Jewish laws regarding tzuinus (modesty). The girl was burned to death, and praised for her actions. Stories like that are, sadly, not uncommon given their severity...
That is sad.  Regarding minutia the New Testament talks about the letter of the law a couple of times.  Romans 2 and 7 come to mind.
Agree about the pushing the envelope on the law(s).Latest one I read was if  it has been arranged for a non-Jew to drive a Jew to the synagogue on Shabbat,to try and keep all the interior lights of the car out,as this would lead to a violation of not lighting a fire for lighting purposes.Then again,are there not Christians who also go to extremes on minor details?Also laws and ordinances in boroughs,towns,cities,etc.that seem absolutely ludicrous to us now,but weren't when they were written?Ever live somewhere that states if you are going to drink a beer out of the house on a Sunday,you have to do in in your back yard where no one passing by should be able to see you?Extremism.blechh!

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