World Conspiracy Confirmed
Nice to see you back, James, even if only briefly.

Take care and God bless.
Thanks V.  I'll leave you with this gem, and thus derail my own thread (only one comment on a pretty damning email involving the WORLD BANK?  WHAT?):

"A Real Saint" Wrote:“What truly is the point of departure of the enemies of religion for the sewing of the great serious errors by which the faith of so many is shaken? They begin by denying that man has fallen by sin and been cast down from his former position. Hence they regard as mere fables original sin and the evils that were its consequence. Humanity vitiated in its source vitiated in its turn the whole race of man; and thus was evil introduced amongst men and the necessity for a Redeemer involved. All this rejected, it is easy to understand that no place is left for Christ, for the Church, for grace or for anything that is above and beyond human nature; in one word the whole edifice of faith is shaken from top to bottom.” (Pius X, Ad Diem Illium Laetissimum, Feb 2, 1904)

Proclaim it LOUDLY.  EENS.

And with that I bid farewell.  Take care.
And how could a man like St. Pius X be part of the same Church as prospective "St. John Paul II"?

It's ridiculous.
I have to say, I am glad I'm in Texas.
cheers for the post

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