Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
Okay, let me try to understand this.

Walty & Vetus,

You're saying that God predestines some people to receive the gift of Faith, and that our acceptance of this gift is itself prompted by an efficacious grace from God. Is it God that makes the grace efficacious (that is we couldn't deny the gift even if we tried), or is the grace efficacious because we choose to cooperate with it? Does that mean that all people are offered the gift of Faith but only a few are given the grace necessary to accept it, or God only offers the gift to a few people in the first place? As to why He chooses to give it to some and not to others that's a mystery.

Melkite and Cgraye,

You're saying that God offers the grace necessary to everyone but some choose to reject it? Does this mean that those who accept it received an extra grace that those who rejected it didn't? What about those who just have no thought of religion to begin with, and so they can't make a conscious decision to reject God's grace. The idea of religiosity just never occurs to them in the first place.

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