Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
Fr Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange, Predestination, regarding Jansenius and his heresy:

Quote:"The five propositions taken from his Augustinus and condemned by Rome, show that this doctrine differs from that of St Augustine and St Thomas, though it has been at times confused with their teaching. Whereas St Augustine and St Thomas always steadfastly maintained that God never commands what is impossible, but makes it really possible for all to keep His commandments, the following Jansenist propositions deny this; they say:

1) For the justified, willing and trying to do what they can, according to the present powers they possess, some of God's commandments are imposble to keep.

2) In the state of fallen nature no one ever resists interior grace. [this is condemned - therefore men can indeed resist interior grace]

3) For meriting and demeriting in the state of fallen nature, freedom from internal compulsion is not required; it is sufficient to be free from external constraint.

4) It is a Semipalagian heresy to say that Christ died or shed His blood for all men without exception.

Moreover, to understand exactly in what sense this last proposition is condemned, it is absolutely necessary to give in addition the text of this condemnation, which reads as follows:

"It is declared and condemned as false, temerarious, scandalous, contumelious, and, understood in this sense that Christ died only for the salvation of the predestined, it is impious, blasphemous, contumelious, contrary to the divine compassion, and heretical."

Jansenism was thus led to adopt a teaching on grace and predestination that excludes God's universal will to save. In order to preserve intact one of the aspects of the mystery with which we are concerned, the other was completely rejected. Instead of a mystery of revealed truth, we have thus a cried and absurd doctrine, for in this case sin is inevitable, which is no longer then a sin, and which cannot be punished, at least with eternal purnishment, without manifest cruelty. God commanding what is impossible ceases to be God, and in vain would we seek to discover in Him not only mercy, but even justice."

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