Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
I think maybe I get it now.  We're not absolutely depraved, but we are thoroughly corrupted.  Nothing in us is good that is not of, by or from God, sin has that completely affected every fiber of our being.  So to be upset that God would send someone to hell because they were born into a state of sin beyond their choice, in some sense is rooted in a pride of one's humanity.  The idea that one's fallen state, in the greater scheme of things, isn't all that bad, and certainly not bad enough to warrant eternity in hell.  In that sense, I think it is improper to view hell as a punishment per se, but rather the unavoidable consequence of death.  It is just as unnatural to escape hell in a state of complete corruption without divine intervention as it is to escape death in a state of terminal, incurable illness without divine intervention.  If the sun rises, it has no other course available to it but to set; it can only go in one direction.  I don't know that this proves predestination in some way, but it at least removes the perceived injustice from God's part by allowing someone to come to their ultimate end unhindered by him.

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