Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
Quote: Or is it because, completely irregardless of what they will do or who they will be in the confines of time, God has chosen to save some and the rest are doomed because he truly doesn't love them and has no desire to elect them as well?

This is where you subtlety reject free will.  It is BECAUSE of what they will FREELY do, that they are not saved.  If they sin one time, then they can not bear the sight of the beatific vision.  Probably a large portion end up in Limbo, but you don't have to believe that.

Out of the WHOLE FALLEN RACE, God sent His only Son to provide a means to Salvation.  NO ONE has a claim on that FREE GIFT.  And He gives that Gift for His own secret (classical meaning) purpose to those we call the elect through Grace.  The reprobate stay in their natural state.  They are the city of man.  Some God justifies and sanctifies for the City of God.  Why did flaming homo Oscar Wilde convert on his deathbed and get baptized, yet Apostle Judas, who walked around for 3 years ("wasting his time") end up, most likely, in hell?  Why were you born to hear the Truth, yet some naked savage will not?  Is it something you did to "earn"?  It is all a Mystery.  But any other system will fall apart.  You deny Original Sin, and you will bring out of the pits of hell: Vatican II.

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