Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
(12-09-2011, 02:20 PM)James02 Wrote: But He does give Graces and the reprobate FREELY CHOOSES sin.  There is a subtle difference here.  You CAN do something else.  Without Grace you WON'T do other but sin.  We are a fallen race.

*sing songy voice* seMAAAAANtics!

Quote:  How screwed up does a moral system have to be to say that you are incapable of doing any good, yet only you are responsible for any evil?
  Perfectly rational.  And when you reject it, you end up in Babel and Chaos.  What are the punishments that the reprobate suffer?  Have you witnessed this?  Can you report back that they suffer unjustly?  Is there a Limbo?  Have you seen it and can you report back what is going on there?  You blindly judge God.  THIS IS A MYSTERY, you can not know.  We have Scripture and the Church.  Stay in that framework and quit speculating on what you will never know this side of life.

If I can never know, then I have to base my faith on what I do know.  I know for sure that God loves all of his creation.  I know that it is God's will that NONE should perish.  I know that insofar as I respond to his love, he will give me EVERY opportunity to return that love, to choose to follow him and to receive his salvation.  That is my faith, it is what I despite random quotes from taken out of context that can be made to appear as proof to the contrary.  Insofar as the Catholic Church teaches contrary to that, then I necessarily have to reject Catholicism, or else I am a liar every time I step foot in a Catholic church.

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