Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
And when you have concluded that all of us deserve hell, you reach the end of Justice.  And every leftist hates justice, especially commutative justice.  Which is why I abhor the term "social justice", but that is a different topic.

So we have come to the conclusion of Justice.  We're going to hell.  NOW, read some Saint Paul again, and pay attention when he preaches about the Law AND HOW IT IS INCAPABLE TO SAVE YOU.  Oh the richness, and glory of God and His Church.  Perfectly fitting together.

And thus we enter the realm of Mercy.  Oh how the leftist vomits at the thought.  How we would never dare refer to "Social Mercy" instead of "Social Justice".  Yes, we are in the realm of Mercy.  How the leftist must be revolted about the story of the farmer who paid workers working 12 hours 1 Denari, but also paid the worker only working 30 minutes 1 Denari.  The whining and howls over that are palpable.

Yes, Mercy.  God owes you nothing but hell.  Fall on your knees and pray for Mercy, placing your Hope in your glorious friend, brother, Lord and Saviour and King, Jesus, for without Faith In Jesus, you can not be saved.

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