Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
(12-20-2011, 06:33 PM)Doce Me Wrote: First, because this is what the Church and Scripture teach, as others have said.

But I think the main philosophic/theological reason is that although God DOES NOT cause sin, God DOES cause all goodness.  For HIM all His causing (and permitting)  is from eternity ("in His eternal now"), even though for US it is carried out over time. God is outside of time.  Our destinies,  only as considered by Him in His "eternal now", are fixed - doing good and being permitted to do evil - there is, as it were, a pattern of light and dark, His eternal plan.  What is hardest to see (as I've said before) is that God can cause our goodness but we are causing it too, perfectly freely, over the course of our lives.  We have free will, and our lives are not futile. (God is the "primary cause" but we are the "secondary cause"). God transcends our will and our understanding.

Seems impossible to understand.  But what I understand even less is the idea that there is something good in the world that God does not cause, something that is not subject to His power.  The mystery of free-will and God's absolute sovereignty is at the heart of predestination.  You have to believe both, even though it puts you into the heart of a mystery 

God's ways are not our ways, His eternity is not our time.  He is the cause of causes.  He is the cause of being and goodness  and freedom in the way that we can never be.

Oh, ok, I think I get it now.  From God's perspective, in eternity, our destiny is set because he sees it outside of time.  From our perspective, inside time, we set our own destiny by the choices we make.  So it is proper to speak of redestination when trying to explain it from the only way we can understand God's perspective, but from our perspective it is completely acceptable to reject predestination when speaking in terms of our perspective, and choosing solely our free choice.  I can accept that easily :)  and this would show why Calvinistic predestination is an error, because it's attempting to apply predestination to our perspective where it doesn't belong.

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