Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
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Quote:"Both attempts at explanation [conditional, unconditional election to glory] are ecclesiastically permissible. The scriptural proofs are not decisive for either side…Citations from the Fathers or from the scholastics are not cogent, as the question arose in post-Tridentine Theology only. While the pre-Augustinian tradition is in favour of the Molinistic explanation, St. Augustine, at least in his later writings, is more in favour of the Thomistic explanation. The Thomist view emphasizes God's universal causality while the other view stresses the universality of the Divine salvific will, mans freedom and his cooperation in his salvation. The difficulties remaining on both sides prove that Predestination even for reason enlightened by faith, is an unfathomable mystery AOM. XI, 33 et seq (Ludwig Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, Tan:1955,p.243f)

That is enough for me to reject the Thomist position, knowing that it is not in line with earlier patristic thinking.  Since the same Thomists argue that election and free will are not incompatible because of a mystery we can't understand, it seems their argument that Thomism makes more sense scholastically is really irrelevant.  If the pre-Augustinian (i.e., Apostolic, Patristic) tradition leans in favor of Molinism, then it is Thomism that has erred and stepped away from the Apostolic faith on this, no matter if it is more rational on a purely scholastic level.

Bear in mind, I'm someone who agrees with you in favouring Molinism. Nonetheless, St Augustine is also considered a Church father, is he not?

I suppose you can say that you think they've erred, otherwise, how could we disagree with them? But the Thomist view is acceptable for Catholics (much as I don't like it).

Did you follow the link I left a few pages back? It was actually reading the Greek fathers that led St Francis de Sales to embrace the Molinist position. It was that that gave him a ray of hope in the misery he was experiencing. As soon as I saw that, I thought you'd appreciate it.

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