Pope Benedict XVI's astronomer: the Catholic Church welcomes aliens
If you want to see an alien all you have to do is look into the mirror.

We don't really seem to fit in here, now do we? We have no fur to keep us warm, we have to build our own abodes, we must plant and cultivate our food. Of course God provides us with everything we need. But as our Lord says the sparrow does not gather into barns and yet the Father feeds them.

This is our pilgrimage on the way to our true home. Our heavenly home. Why not truly speculate and meditate on that, and believe that? For those who have, no sermon intended. But, based on personal experience I can attest that these teachings are not hard to gloss over. Even when believed.

But then again, I try to keep things simple. However, before I was returned to simple and childlike Faith, I had to go through the "college of complexity". I doubt I graduated, but God help me that I have ascended my thoughts above this "college".

As an aside, while thinking of this thread the thought occured to me that Science Fiction is out there to pull people into the idea that the Mysteries of the Faith are fiction. It also opens the door to all sorts of wild ideas about our origen and Creation.

It also exists, IMHO, to be a juxtaposition to Science Fact. Which to my mind is simply a more believable form of Science Fiction.

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