Pope Benedict XVI's astronomer: the Catholic Church welcomes aliens
(12-01-2011, 01:12 PM)LoneWolfRadTrad Wrote:
(12-01-2011, 08:08 AM)maso Wrote: All this stuff about extraterrestrial life is nothing but absurd speculation. Since until now no evidence has been observed, it is a loss of time. Does Br Consolmagno's interest in that matter serve for the highest Glory of God? I doubt it.
If there were ever purported aliens to encounter the mankind in the next future, the outcomes would be huge, so huge that I cannot imagine that God in His Wisdom wouldn't have warned us of this in the Scriptures.
No, on the contrary, I believe that the purported "flying saucers" and other UFOs manifestations that we cannot dismiss anyways, are very suspicious. I don't remember who is this  jewish author who considers them as pure devilish deceits.
See: http://thecomingepiphany.com/BookArticle....htm#_ftn3

Interesting conversation we're having.  

Demons and their agents amongst humanity would indeed conspire such things.  There's rumors that the military industrial complex have amongst their plans a fake alien invasion to be used as an excuse to form a centralized military dictatorship over the Earth.  

Supposedly, this is all to be accomplished through the use of holographic projectors that can place images on the sky.  There's even talk that the images won't just include alien invaders, but false gods who will point to a false messiah.  "Project Blue Beam" is what everyone's been calling it.  

False miracles and false invaders for the purposes of faithless humans who would have the rest of humanity worship obey them, even more so than now.

For our own protection, of course.  :LOL:

Yes, I wouldn't doubt that at all.  Serge Monast's Project Blue Beam (NASA) and associated conspiracies.  There's a bunch of youtube videos about Serge Monast and Project Blue Beam as well. 

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