Pope Benedict XVI's astronomer: the Catholic Church welcomes aliens
Gang, this whole thing is absurd and underscores yet again the incredible auto-destruction that is taking place in the Church and thus society.

Since man has now for several decades doubted the Faith wholesale, humanity is chasing figments of its imagination; figments that are a composite of true things, true but corrupted things, and completely false things.

We know that there is a hierarchy of creation that extends beyond us and it is in Heaven.  For any neo-Catholic attempting to warp the Faith into a Star Trek fantasy, Heaven is the dominion of God to which the Elect are admitted.  It is not a 'feeling' or a 'state of mind' or a place we can fly to in this life.

The citizens of Heaven, besides the Saints, are somewhat known to us and include beings such as angels and cherubim and seraphim. 

Regarding 'aliens.'  Probably most of the stories involves them are fabricated, but they are fallen angels.  This isn't exactly avant garde theology; rather this is what we as Catholics understood.  Incidentally it is only in more recent times that we have seen an erruption in 'sightings' and this makes perfect sense.  After Luther and others tore apart the Church, all sorts of horrible things were able to come out and poison the minds of men.

And look at us today.  A society that murders its offspring for careless intimacy and then wants offspring without intimacy, a society that riots over junk made in pagan slave factories, a society that is ridden with all kinds of health problems, worships itself, doubts all matters of Faith, but chases after 'aliens.'

Now, what is even more tragic to me is that this astronomer probably thinks he is doing great things and is to some extent bolstering the Faith.  This is diabolical disorientation.

What we are to do is follow the Church, earnestly commit ourselves to devotions, and pray.  And not chase after absurd fads.

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