From "The Liturgical Year" a wonderful meditation.
The Liturgical Year
by Dom Guéranger, O.S.B.

"Such is the glory of the Lord in the highest heavens: who could see it and live? But now, contemplate this same Lord upon our earth, during the days which have dawned upon us. The womb of a Virgin contains Him, whom heaven cannot contain. To angels His beauty is visible, but it dazzles them not; to men, it is not even visible. Not a single voice is heard saying unto Him those words of heaven: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts! The angels no longer say of Him: All the earth is full of His glory; for the earth is witness of His abasement, and an abasement so abject and low, that the inhabitants of the earth do not even know it. At first, there was but one who knew the divine secret: the Virgin Mother; after her, Elizabeth was admitted to know that her cousin was Mother of God; and then, after the most painful and humiliating suspicions, the great mystery was revealed by an angel to Joseph. So that only three on earth know that God has come down upon it! Thus humbly did He reenter the world, after the sin of pride had driven Him out of it. O God of the ancient Covenant, how great Thou art! and who would not tremble before Thee? O God of the new Covenant, how little Thou hast made Thyself! who would not love Thee?

Heal my pride, the source of all my sins! teach me to value what Thou didst so much value. By Thy Incarnation Thou dost a second time create the world; and in this second creation, more excellent than the first, Thou workest by silence, and Thy triumph is won by self-annihilation. I wish to humble myself after Thine example, and to profit by the lessons which a God came down so low to give me. Lay low all that is high and lifted up within me, O my Jesus, for this is one of the ends of Thy coming. I abandon myself to Thee as to my sovereign Master! do with me and in me what Thou wilt."
Excellent text. Thanks for sharing.
As an apart, I wonder why there are so many Benedictines in Tradition and not so many from other orders (Franciscans, Dominicans). Or maybe there are and I am not aware of them. Anyhow at least in my country they are the only centuries-old order linked to Tradition. The others are dominated by modern theology and thought.
The Liturgical Year are excellent reads, they have 15 volumes or so......

Here is the review, it will reveal the Grandeur of the Liturgical Year...... Written in 1841

"These volumes written by Dom Gueranger are well written and a must read by every Catholic. Dom Gueranger was abbot of the great Benedictine monastery of Solesmes. He restored, almost single-handedly, the tradition of Gregorian Chant to its original purity and it can still be heard today at Solesmes and Fontgombault.

Dom Gueranger's purpose in compiling these fifteen volumes was to arouse the faithful from their spiritual torpor by familiarizing them with the official prayer of the Church as developed in the liturgical periods of the year. The first part is devoted to Advent; the second contains the explanation of the divine service from Christmas to the Purification; the third takes us from the Purification as far as Lent and is called Septuagesima; the fourth comprises the first four weeks of Lent; the fifth consists of Passion Week and Holy Week; the sixth includes the Office of the Church from Trinity to the end of July; the eighth gives August and September, and the ninth finishes the year by giving the Liturgy of October and November.

The year thus planned for us by the Church herself produces a drama, the sublimest that has ever been offered to the admiration of men. Cardinal Manning, referring to Dom Gueranger's commentary, called it "a prelude to a better world and an avenue to the Vision of Peace".  these volumes are worth their weight in gold. "

Now they are in public Domain:

Dom Guaranger - Liturgical Year - 15 volumes

Couldn't recommend it enough! In her autobiography, the sister of St Therese read her some excerpts  from Dom Guaranger's Liturgical Year book
BRAVO mariafransisca11 :) I've wanted to see that for a long time... :D

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