This is what obedience looks like
(12-04-2011, 10:47 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: If I remember correctly there is a monastery in Italy that offers both the TLM and the Novus Ordo and is being used to study the possibility of a hybrid of sorts. The monastery is called "New Norcia" or something. Don't quote me on it but I thought I heard that the reason they had both ( TLM and NO) was to sort of be a testing ground for a possible hybrid. I believe wholeheartedly that whether that monastery is helping create a  hybrid or not a return to the traditional Latin Mass is out of the question for Rome for a LONG time and that a hybrid is probably the next step. Even the Novus Ordo is here to stay whether we like it or not. The Church just put a new missal for the NO into effect. It isn't going anywhere anytime soon if ever in my lifetime. I think Mass in the vernacular is here to stay too and that whatever hybrid will come up in the next few decades will probably not be in Latin. Like it or not Vatican II changed utterly the face of Catholicism and in most of our lifetimes the only way to escape it is to just attend the SSPX or something and hope that our grandchildrens childrens children worship in a time where Vatican II and all the silliness we are dealing with is just a footnote in the history books.

"Like it or not Vatican II changed utterly the face of Catholicism"
That's not precisely VATII that changed the face of the Liturgy since VAT reaffirmed that the Latin remained the language of the Church, that is the enforcement of the flawed liturgic reform concocted with obscure and undisclosable second thoughts by a freemason bishop (Bugnini) and a Pope who gave him a free hand to do as he wanted. In addition, the ancient liturgy was said to be forbidden forever frm the implementation of the NO.
First lie: Who said that? Was this an invention of the modernist bishops or was it a strict order of the Vatican? Anyways our Holy Father said that the Latin Mass NEVER had been abrogated.
But 40 years of  NO and TLM banning DELIBERATELY made irreversible damages:
- The latin language was no longer taughts except in trad seminaries.
- The practice of the TLM was abandoned and it is a hard way for young priests who don't understand latin to learn it.
That is why I much doubt that the TLM will become again the norm in the future or even peacefully coexist with the NO unless the appropriate steps are reintroduced in the seminaries.

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