This is what obedience looks like
(12-06-2011, 07:46 PM)Aragon Wrote:
(12-06-2011, 05:28 PM)Nic Wrote: You have to look at is AS A WHOLE, which is what I stated earlier.

Did 50% of professed Catholics not believe in the Real Presence before 1969?  Nope (probably less than 1%).  How about in the year 2000?  Yep (actually probably over 50%, not to mention other basic dogmas of the Faith that are no longer believed).  There is a clear conclusion - that it all has to do with the N.O. Mass. 

If I was one to compromise, I could go to the New Mass next Sunday and from now on and not loose my Faith.  There are many great Catholics, better than I could ever be, who attend the New Mass regularly - but we have to judge the situation as a whole, and as a whole the conclusion is that it is the Mass that matters, and the New Mass is indeed leading to these dreadful statistics that we see.  There are no two ways around it.  The statistics are right there in front of our faces to see.

Those are American statistics. Catholics in countries like Vietnam, South Korea, Nigeria, etc. are more orthodox than their Western counterparts.

I agree with you that the New Mass undermines the Catholic Faith, but I think the collapse in religious belief has many more causes than the introduction of the New Mass.

Many more minor causes, yes - but only one root cause.  Vatican II led the way for the Church to be "changed."  It was nothing more than an ecclesiastical coup d'etat.  The first and foremost thing that had to be changed in the minds of the hijackers was the Mass.  As the heretics of old used to gloat, "Take away the Mass, take away the Church."  With a Protestant Mass allowed to usurp -a rite of Mass that Catholics in the 16th century fought hard to ensure that it would never gain hold within the Church, the effects have been the most devastating in all of Christian history.  Again, it is the Mass that matters.

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