I'm really schocked at the lack of Christian spirit in our schools.
I was talking to a guy at work about how nobody seems friendly or caring at this company we have to work for and that the teachers and administration act the same way. This teacher actually nodded his head and told me: "they want you to be like  a robot, trust me." I've seen this in my mother, where for a career, she had to basically switch personalities to "survive." But this one teacher says the pledge of allegience without the "under God" part for her students, one principal makes her students meet in assembly to recite a song where "open-minded" is used once and "global" twice. Next she read a story about an Iraqi librarian whose library was burned by (presumably) American planes. These were the two most shocking things, but overall, I'm not impressed. 

I really owe that earlier teacher a lot for his honesty, but unfortunately, I won't be around much longer to teach it to anyone. After I moved, I requested that my districts be changed, which I was told would be done for me, but it has not been done. Three times I've called about this, and was assured it would be taken care of--- it wasn't. The trouble for me is that I won't have enough for rent now, and I'm still not sure if the problem will be fixed when I call tomorrow. There was one woman who was very nice to me, helped me, gave me her extension number and returned all my e-mails promptly. I've learned now that she has been removed and no longer with the company. Everyone else seems either snotty and/or incompetent and definitely not as personable.

I now wonder if that nice lady was not a "robot" as that teacher put it and thus, couldn't "cut it." And when I look at myself, I think this applies to me. Rather than be agitated or upset, I just feel beaten, and that Apocalypse quote about being blasphemed by the synagogue of satan seems particularly loud. Nice guys finish last, but I wonder if in a country like ours which worships the "everyman for himself" creed of Adam Smith and Ron Paul, if this saying isn't particularly true.

Then there are the kids themselves. "We didn't screw with you as much as the other teachers because we can tell you like kids." This was told to me by a 9th grader after I had a particularly trying day that almost made me quit. The kids in these schools act like the parents and the principals are on their side. A friend of mine, who now works for $9.50 per hour at Kelly Services as a temp worker, said: "yeah, they see you are a "nice" guy and they mess with you and give you all kinds of poop." He is a former teacher himself who for that reason will have nothing more to do with it. I can't believe the way these kids dress, talk and behave, as if these teachers couldn't care less.

Do you guys think this type of torment is because I'm Christian and that it is the suffering we must now expect as the Bible relates? I don't think they will fix that system for me even though I've done nothing wrong because they sense I'm Christian, but this is just my hunch. I think real Catholics are disappearing and being replaced by cults. But still, homelessness and hunger will be brutal for me because I have never experienced it, being raised "middle-class." Suicide rates are way up in the U.S. right now but obviously, as a Catholic, I won't choose this route.

But that "every man for himself mantra" has made it impossible to be  Catholic, in my opinion. This company has admitted I followed the rules, but through no fault of my own, I'm out of luck and money. I've said many times before that workers have few rights here. "Every man for himself...it's good for the economy." That's a brutal system to live under, and only the "robots" survive, apparently. Since I suspect it will be my last Christmas (sorry, there is no way I am going to survive on the streets) I'm going to be curious to see if there is any kind of religious or traditional Christmas spirit, unlike last year. I was really fascinated by the lack of it a year ago. 

Posting from the future, it's 2034 where I am.

Just wanted to say... I finally finished reading your post.
Pilgrim and I were lucky ot find a school that has a philosophy and approach we accept.  We searched high and low and when we found it, took 50% pay cuts to be able to teach there.  Trust me, mistman, you aren't alone.  A good school with a strong administration etc. is a rare find.
Move to the South; prayer and Bible reading are done in the public schools in this area and many others despite federal law.  Prayers are also said at sports events, like football games. I can't say you will find this everywhere in the South but it's not uncommon.

The down side is that they use the KJV or another Protestant Bible and have weird ideas about Catholics, as most are Baptists. But the Catholic population is growing rapidly  while the Prot pop is not.  This time of year, people have red and white signs in their yards that say "Christmas is a Birthday."  Crosses, fish symbols, and rosaries are seen on/in many cars and the fish is seen on many businesses, too, near the entrance so it's seen.  
There are a couple of stories I forgot to add that I think are very telling about our schools:

At one school, public, the kids are gathered for assembly every morning. Together they recite a poem whereby the word "global" is used twice, and "open-minded" once. On this particular morning, the assembly was followed by a story (I forget the author) whereupon children learn about a heroic, female, Iraqi librarian who saves her books from bombing by warplanes, my guess of which are American by implication.

Now I'm not a fan of America, my own dad was sent to slaughter in Vietnam for an equally stupid reason and came back deranged as a result (I later learned that Vietnam was about keeping rubber, a component so necessary to our auto industry, out of communist hands). But I also don't respect people like Jane Fonda and found her actions in poor taste as with the female principal above.

The second incident occurred at a school for developmentally challeged pre-schoolers, again public. On this morning, the children said the pledge of allegience with their teacher. I've memorized this as all of  you have, so, when I got to the part of "under God" I was surprised that the teacher stopped and looked at me. "We don't do that here," she said. Apparently, this school has their students recite the pledge of allegience WITHOUT under God! I was honestly shocked at this, despite noting the lack of God in American society for at least 15 years.

Just thought I'd pass this on. By the way, they did "fix" that teaching system for me, finally, and there was actually a pretty nice person who helped me with it, but I still won't "make it" financially. It'll delay the inevitible but not much more. Most people I know are surviving off of their parents savings, living with them, or being "resourceful" and finding cash where they can, legal or ortherwise. I don't have those options.
Seems you're a bit behind the times here mistman, the things you're posting about and much, much worse have been going on in schools all over the world for over 40 years. 

The Child Seducers (PDF file) was one of the first books to throw up the flag - that was back in 1970.

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