Douey-Confraternity Bible
I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, and I'm not interested in the debates on it as much as I am just how it is different from the DR I bought from Angelus Press.  I found it at a thrift strore and picked it up for a buck. :)  If there is a previous thread that wuold cover the differences, that would be great. 
I have both, and though I confess that I have not done an in-depth study of the differences, from what could be called "casual reading," it looks to me like the only difference is that the Confraternity is essentially an updated translation, and is, as much as it pains me to say it, easier to read. Most Trads (rightfully, I think) tend to shy away from it, and prefer the pre-1942 Douay-Rheims (challoner, of course), because it has more traditional Bible language, and I think there are suspicions that the translation, being so recent, could have been tainted with the modernism which was lurking under the surface in the Church at this point. However, if there are "modernist translation errors," I have not seen them. I would be curious to hear LumenGentleman's take on this question, because he is undoubtedly much more familiar with the ins and outs of the confraternity translation than I am.
I'd be happy to have a Confraternity Bible but I've never seen one for sale. That's the one quoted in Chantal Epie's The Scriptural Roots of Catholic Teaching (Sophia Institute Press). It says "Knox translation" inside. That's the same one right?
No. The Knox translation was translated by Msgr. Ronald Knox, and Anglican convert pre-VII. It is not terribly literal, and I have heard a Catholic bilblical apologist characterize it as garbage not fit to read.
The Confraternity translation is an updating of the Douay-Rheims-Challoner text, as used from the 1700s-1942, and is essentially not a new translation, or so it seems to me. My preface says that "A new translation may be necessary in a few years, but for now this minor revision will suffice" or something to that effect.

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