Northern/Eastern NJ - Members of St. Anthony of Padua at West Orange?
Are there any of you in the tank who go to this parish?  For that matter, to those of you in northern NJ, I want to encourage you to visit the parish.  High Mass is 11AM on Sundays and Rev. Canon Moreau is going out of his way to encourage various devotions and public expressions of the Faith.
I go to that parish.
Is that the parish staffed by the ICRSS?
@Old Salt,

That is correct.  The ICRSS (ICKSP in English) is charged with the parish.

@ Louis Martin,

No joke!  I've had the good pivilege of work brining me nearby; the parish is a real treasure because it so much more than the Mass, as you know.  There is an appreciation and living of the Faith in an authentic, mature fashion that is so rare. 

Were you there for Septuagesima?  Feel free to PM.
I was born in Orange, I grew up in West Orange, and my extended family is from these towns.  The doctor who delivered me had his office right down the street from St. Anthony's.  So it's really wonderful knowing that St. Anthony's is there, even though I now live in Philadelphia.

I have visited St. Anthony's several times.
Hey I think I've heard of that chapel!  :grin:

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"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton
I was there some years ago before Fr Wickens passed away.  May God rest his soul.
  As some may know, there was a bit of commotion after he passed.  Without an endorsed successor, it shortly thereafter fell into the hands of the diocese after having been built and paid for by many souls who did not want it to go there.  They started the place to not be encumbered with the diocese.  Fr was a menace to them in large part because of his calling them out on the sex education they had in the diocesan schools.
  I know there are still faithful Catholics over there, but it is sad about the serious injustice done. 
  Amongst other things, it gives one more reason to make sure that your will is spelled out the way you want.

Not only are there faithful Catholics, Joe, but there's faithful clergy as well. What do you perceive as being an injustice? I thank God for that place.
"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton
Give Fr. Moreau my regards.

The injustice is that the church was built to serve as a haven from the travesties that take place in the diocese that stem from Vatican II.  I understand the leanings of the ICR, but they have to abide by what VII teaches, the new catechism, etc.  Even though they say the old Mass, there are other things to consider.  Besides, start looking into the Holy Orders issue.  That can open up some eyes.
  As you know, a couple of other missions started out  after this went to the diocese.  Those that attached to it before could tell you the full story, even though some of it can be found online.  God bless.


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