does Aspergers syndrome disqualify from the priesthood.
Short answer:


Long answer:

Anything about you could potentially 'disqualify' you for the priesthood. Ultimately, it comes down to your calling. There are some things (serious mental illness, deep-seated homosexual tendencies, family responsibilities) which can 'disqualify' you automatically. Generally, though, a vocation is something that must be discerned.

Whether or not your aspergers syndrome disqualifies you would depend on how it would affect all the faculties you would need to exercise in the priestly ministry. It could even be a strength, not a weakness, but it depends on how it affects you and also what sphere (religious or secular, missionary or parochial) you think you're called to.

Some here will say 'ask your spiritual director'. Spiritual directors don't grow on trees, and good traditional priests who could be spiritual directors don't have time to be such for everyone.

A more direct approach would simply be to visit whichever diocese/religious order/institute of consecrated life (or whatever it is you feel called to). They can tell you better than anyone else whether your aspergers disqualifies you (and the more you reveal about these kinds of things when you first meet them, the more accurate the advice you'll be given about whether or not it's worth pursuing further).

I would say, talk to whichever group it is you're interested in. They will give you further advice. There are no absolute rules against people with your condition showing interest, so do that and see where it leads.

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