Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

One sad thing is that as we Christians dwindle in number, less people act like it is Christmas time every year which means the spirit isn't there like it was, at least on a community level. If you have money and time, please keep Christmas beautiful by decorating, now more than ever. People who live alone like me have nothing but Christmas lights and decorations to keep us warm. It is REALLY important that you do this. It does work.


I agree!!!! Especially try to get the Nativity scene out there, maybe get a Jesus is the Reason for the Season banner for your lawn from the Knights of Columbus. A new banner i saw , YOU SAY YOUR CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS, HOW COME YOUR NOT AT CHRIST'S MASS????
C-9 lights---check!
Creche under the tree---check!
Kids hand made decorations---check!
How else will the timid know to wish me a Merry Christmas instead of a happy holidays? :w2go:
A wonderful thread mistman  :w2go:

I did set up my Christmas Village the first Sunday of Advent, and the Advent Wreath, but the tree (small table top model) didn't go up until today and the Nativity scene will be put out tomorrow evening.  I like wise will be alone for Christmas (and working with the cows this weekend) ~ have next Tuesday through New Years off for my holiday and will travel to see family and out of town friends then.

Our family traditon growing up was to decorate on the Fourth Sunday of Advent after coming home from Mass (if that happened to also be Christmas Eve we might back it up a day).

Though many now decorate right after Thanksgiving and tear everything down by New Years I'll observe Christmas and enjoy the festive decorations until Epiphany.  I hope to have a dinner party or two the first week of January so some local "un-churched" friends can see what it's all about.
I actually have noticed a lot of nativity scenes outside this year, and crosses. I think people are having enough!

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