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From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Rakovsky
Quote:Christian Rakovsky (August 13 [O.S. August 1] 1873 – September 11, 1941) was a Bulgarian socialist revolutionary, a Bolshevik politician and Soviet diplomat; he was also noted as a journalist, physician, and essayist. Rakovsky's political career took him throughout the Balkans and into France and Imperial Russia; for part of his life, he was also a Romanian citizen.

A lifelong collaborator of Leon Trotsky, he was a prominent activist of the Second International, involved in politics with the Bulgarian Social Democratic Union, Romanian Social Democratic Party, and the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Rakovsky was expelled at different times from various countries as a result of his activities, and, during World War I, became a founding member of the Revolutionary Balkan Social Democratic Labor Federation while helping to organize the Zimmerwald Conference. Imprisoned by Romanian authorities, he made his way to Russia, where he joined the Bolshevik Party after the October Revolution, and, as head of the Rumcherod, unsuccessfully attempted to generate a communist revolution in the Kingdom of Romania. Subsequently, he was a founding member of the Comintern, served as head of government in the Ukrainian SSR, and took part in negotiations at the Genoa Conference.

In a July 2006 article of the Fatima Crusader titled 'Is World War III Next?' Father Paul  Kramer quotes Rakovsky.  Here's part of the article.

Quote:If Germany were to be allowed to gain hegemony over Europe, then the Soviets will turn the EU into the ‘New European Soviet’ that the Russians have been trying to make of it since its inception. To allow Germany to turn the EU into ‘Greater Germany’, which is what they have planned all along, would be tantamount to surrendering all of Europe to the Soviets without a fight.


The New Axis, led by Russia and China with their many Islamic and other Anti-American allies, are more powerful than the combined Western forces of the USA, Britain, France and Israel. Only the image of Communism has been destroyed in Russia, which remains staunchly allied to its traditional Communist and other anti-Western partners. The image of Communism was the Stalinist image of textbook Marxism conjured up for consumption by the masses. Christian G. Rakovsky, a founding member of the Bolshevist Revolution described that image of Communism as “elementary Marxism ! the demagogic, popular one.” Now that this image has been destroyed in Russia, the deceived Western nations believe that Communism is dead.

Communism Is Still Ruling
in Russia and China

    It was, however, not Communism that collapsed in the Soviet Union, but it was Socialism that underwent a strategically planned demolition in a restructured (perestroika = restructuring) Soviet Union. Now, since the carefully planned metamorphosis of the Soviet Union has brought about the mutation of Communism from the Dictatorship of the Proletariat into what Gorbachev called the (Leninist) State of the Whole People, the real Communism described by Rakovsky2 in his January 25-26, 1938 interview is exactly what has emerged in contemporary Russia today.

    In order to understand how it is that Russia is not only still Communist, but is more firmly and staunchly Communist than ever, it is necessary to consider exactly and essentially what Communism is: What is the essence of Communism? Rakovsky explains, “Marxism, before being a philosophical, economic and political system, is a conspiracy for the Revolution.” In accord with this fundamental principle, it does not matter what degree of political and economic freedom is permitted in a liberalized Marxist State, because “words and facts in Marxism are subject to the strict rules of the higher science: the rules of conspiracy and revolution.” “The State as such is only power. AND MONEY IS EXCLUSIVELY POWER.” Thus it logically follows, as Rakovsky explains, that “Moscow is subjective Communism, but [objective] Capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective.” What he means by ‘New York’ is: “The Financial International, the Capitalist-Communist one [i.e. Communist International]…” When one thus understands the true nature of Communism, it becomes easy to understand that in spite of all the cosmetic changes in the Soviet Union with all the bourgeois corruption and liberalism, Russia remains Communist.

    The same is happening to a lesser degree in economically “liberalized” China which remains dominated by and firmly in the grip of iron Communist Party rule.

The Goal:
Exterminating Christians

    Soviet Russia will inflict such suffering on all humanity such as the world has never seen. For the Communist world revolution to succeed, the extermination of all Christians is a necessary pre-condition. The Catholic Church is still very much persecuted in Russia and China. “Communism,” Rakovsky explains, “cannot be the victor if it will not have suppressed the still-living Christianity…”

Only Obedience to Our Lady of Fatima
Can Save Us Now

    The ultimate Soviet objective remains unchanged since Lenin declared: “It matters not that three fourths of the world be destroyed provided that the remaining fourth is Communist.” Khrushchev foretold, “We will bury you…Your grandchildren will be Communist.” Our Lady of Fatima warns us that God will allow them to accomplish that objective if Her requests are not fulfilled in time. The Great Tribulation foretold by Our Lord in the Gospel is at hand.

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