Dealing with the Deceptive Dimond Demimonde
Another thread raised the issue of the Feeneyite Dimond brothers secretly recording phone conversations with various priests, and then posting the conversations on You Tube. Apparently they snookered Fr. Hughes CMRI, Fr. Harrison OS, Fr. Gordon FSSP and Fr. Terra FSSP into talking with them.

When one of them called me, I grilled him until he finally admitted who he really was. I then refused to talk to him.

They still put the recording up, but after I complained to You Tube, it seems to have been pulled.

Broadcasting a recorded phone conversation without the consent of both parties is against FCC regulation 73.1206, which should be cited when complaining to You Tube.

I suspect that You Tube takes violations of Federal regulations like this very seriously.

I've notified the four priests named above. If you know of any others whom the Dimonds have deceived, pass the word along!

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