Dealing with the Deceptive Dimond Demimonde
(12-28-2011, 08:49 PM)columb Wrote: I listened to one of those mentioned phone conversations with expectancy but sadly it ended in disappointment.
The Dimonds have gotten their message out to millions (judging from their hits on youtube) and I was expecting that the priests in queston would be only too happy to have refuted them and pointed out their errors.

They (the Dimonds) did in fact ask for a debate at a more opportune time if the present timing was inconvenient.

I told the Deceptive Dimond Dissimulator in question that I had written an article on the subject, and that if he disagreed with it, he should write another article trying to refute it.

As I point out in the article, the underlying difficulty with Feeneyism is that it rejects the principles that form the very foundation for the science of Catholic theology.

It's a waste of time debating with someone like this, because you have no common first principles at all. It's like arguing over the structure of a Mozart symphony with someone who knows nothing of musical forms and is tone deaf to boot.

And generally speaking, oral debates in our own days are a waste of time. It's far easier to shovel out the stercus taurorum in a debate than it is in an article, where you have to provide references for grand pronouncements.

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