Dealing with the Deceptive Dimond Demimonde
The Dimond guys are no more consecrated Brothers than I am. It's like those Evangelical youth pastors who call themselves "Brother Todd" because they heard that calling yourself Brother gives you some kind of authority. I feel sorry for the Dimonds; particularly because they are the prime example of where one can end up without critical reflection and a solid Catholic foundation (I may not know their history too well, but it just seems one could never turn that way without missing key bits of information). They are the example of why sometimes we must bite our tongues before speaking lest someone take what we say to the extreme; or rather, misunderstand what we say and think "Oh boy, it's all over now!". I know a guy like that, he constantly goes back and forth between Sede, SSPX and neocon depending on what he is reading or who he last spoke to.

As for the Dimond videos. I have never understood it. How supposed "monastics" can spend so much time making videos about such and such. In the end, it makes on realize: who are they trying to convince? Themselves. Why spend hours meticulously forming questions in such a way to trap priests and then spend your time, money and effort to trap them into saying things so you can put it on youtube. Honestly, if nobody can see how ridiculous that is given their position.... If they really believed in their position, they'd carry on as normal and leave the heretics to do their thing. Instead, they are like snakes going around setting traps and doing all they can to twist and turn something into a heresy so they can justify their position. Again, they do it because their position has no foundation. They rely on the "Other"; as in "They are all heretics, watch me prove it, thus I have shown my position is correct". A real conviction is interior and soulful. Imagine if after Trent the Church spent all her time sneakily interviewing the heretics and for the next 400 years based their evangelization on "look at them and how wrong they are!" It is hardly convincing and shows weakness. I truly feel sorry for them, in some areas I am sure they have it right though (very few though).

Let us pray for them.

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