Dealing with the Deceptive Dimond Demimonde
(12-28-2011, 10:41 PM)Someone1776 Wrote: Father,

If you wrote that article looking at modern theologians would you reach the same conclusions? 

No. There seems to be little they agree on anyway.

Even before Vatican II ended, the modernist crowd (triumphant at the Council) took over virtually all theological discourse and marginalized those "dinosaurs" who adhered to the tenets and methods of traditional Catholic theology (Thomism). The modernists went off in all directions, shattering any consensus — a natural consequence of their belief in the evolution of dogma.

Part of their method was to reduce to the smallest number possible any doctrines that a Catholic was actually obliged to adhere to.

At the same time those, who supposedly had the authority to guard the deposit of faith (Paul VI, the bishops), abolished legal/disciplinary safeguards over theological writings, and allowed anyone to say virtually anything to undermine Catholic teaching.

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