For those doing the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary on the Purification
I know that a few of us are consecrating/renewing our consecrations on the feast of the Purification of Mary, so this thread is for those of us who are. :) Basically I thought it would be useful to have a place to daily "check in", to help remind us and hold us accountable for the daily prayers and meditations of the consecration prep. I know how difficult it can be to remember to pray the prayers and do the meditations, and the devil certainly does his best to keep us from doing it!

If anyone else wants to join, the consecration prep starts on December 31st.

Here is a PDF version of the consecration prep book:

And, if you're new to the devotion, here's a wonderful website with good information (and the preparation stuff too, although not in pdf format).

God bless!
Whheee accountability thread!

As a side note, anybody know why the Purification of Mary is a big deal?  Cuz I don't.  It looks cool, but I'd like to know more why?
This is a great idea!

[Image: Maryhomeoftheardentsoul1.jpg]

I totally missed the preparation for the renewal of my consecration on Dec 8.

An accountability thread is a great idea!
sarahraphael, many thanks for this reminder.

This book is pure gold:
For anyone using Firefox, there is an Add-on called ReminderFox which you may set to remind you of anything you need to do on a certain day.  I use it for Novenas, appointments, exercise, and homework assignments, and it can also be adapted for this purpose.
Thank you!  My wife and I never heard of this, but we are there!!!
it talks about wearing a chain somewhere on you and never taking it off............  how do you get through airport security?  Serious question.  :-)
A friend and I will be renewing our Consecration again on that date this year. At one time I had developed a google group page just for this, but they dropped most of their features, so there isn't much left up there:
There are still some good quotes from the Saints about the importance of the Virgin Mary up there~

~Ad Jesum per Mariam~
"So shines a good deed in a weary world."   - Willy Wonka

For modern-day stories of Saint Anthony's help in people's lives:

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