Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
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So as not to derail that thread, this is taken from This thread, Fr. Says:
As I point out in the article, the underlying difficulty with Feeneyism is that it rejects the principles that form the very foundation for the science of Catholic theology.

I'm sure I've seen this link in the past but for whatever reason read it as just another link in favor of BOD. In some ways that's what this is, however, I do not think that anyone who disagrees with BOD, will disagree with what Fr. wrote in the link.

My disagreement with the link comes from what is never mentioned in the link. By that I mean there is no mention of which Teaching Authority is binding on us when the Universal Ordinary Magisterium teaching clearly contradicts certainly infallible teaching.

I understand those who believe in BOD and/or their interpretation of what BOD is, will say that there are no contradictions, so I will offer what I believe the Baptism of Desire is - -

Salvation via BOD is when salvation is granted to an unbaptized person with perfect contrition for his sins, and who also desires baptism, dies due to  an unexpected accident which made it impossible for that person to be Sacramentally baptized before his death. 

Is this BOD?

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