Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
Stubborn, I have no problem with the statements of Trent, you are the one who is having trouble reconciling it. Your strict legalistic reading will lead you down the path of rejecting one or the other, instead of accommodation (interpret it in a way that makes the most sense). You aren't addressing other examples I give you. Thou shalt not kill is "de fide" in the moral world. So why is not every act of killing sinful? Our Lord saying that you will have no life in you (sanctifying grace) if you do not eat His body and drink His blood. That's de fide. So what about children who don't receive the sacrament? What about those of us who don't drink His blood. He said literally blood, so we should take the chalice too, right? You're not addressing other circumstances in which the Church clearly mitigates sacramental and other requirements for impossibilities, and other mitigating circumstances (level of will and/or reason). Until then, you're not going to get anywhere with me.

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