Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
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And clearly baptism of desire, as a possibility, introduces a mitigation (or exception) NOT envisioned in the original commandment in Trent, as NOT envisioned like in the two preceding cases, that baptism of water may not be required in cases in which a catechumen unexpectedly dies.
<be sure to read Scriptorium in full, in previous post>

Exceptions can be left out  intentionally even if they are envisioned (known in advance).   We leave them out because they introduce excessive detail, taking away from the central meaning.  We leave them out because they can be misinterpreted (e.g. by those who don't want to accept the central meaning in any instance).

Man frequently uses the words "unless" and "necessary"  allowing for a deliberately unspoken exception.  We say "water is necessary for tomatoes to grow", and it IS truly necessary, yet God may provide a miraculous exception.   A mother may say "Unless you get in the car in 1 minute no dessert for you", and she is not lying or forgetful,  yet if the child twists his ankle, she makes an exception.  God allows men to "twist their ankle" on the way to obey a command, and does not count this a sin.  It doesn't matter that God has absolute power and can foresee everything, He still allows such impossibility, and can make an exception.  God is more merciful than a mother.

Council of Trent, Section on Baptism, Canon 2 Wrote:CANON II.-If any one saith, that true and natural water is not of necessity for baptism, and, on that account, wrests, to some sort of metaphor, those words of our Lord Jesus Christ; Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost; let him be anathema.

This canon is talking about the SACRAMENT, for which true and natural water - and not fruit juice or alcohol etc - is necessary. This does not rule out baptism of desire, since OF COURSE baptism of desire would not require water, but we are not talking of baptism of desire here. Secondly this Canon and Christ's words deliberately leave out exceptions, just as any father or mother's command to their children would do.

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