Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
Stubborn Wrote:Dying in the state of grace is via BOD may or may not suffice for salvation. As it is now, the Church teaches it suffices for grace and justification. THAT is all She has ever taught infallibly. Never anywhere has She ever infallibly taught that one who dies unbaptized goes to heaven.

That's just the truth of the matter.

Your admittance that BOD brings with it sanctifying grace and justification proves my -- and the Church's -- argument:

Pope St. Pius V, Ex Omnibus Afflictionibus: A man with perfect charity has his sins remitted (Denz.1031f.).  Justification brings with it the remission of sins (Denz. 1043).  Perfect charity cannot exist along with the guilt of eternal damnation (Denz. 1070).

Thus, a man with perfect charity has his sins remitted and so is justified.  A justified man (he with perfect charity) does not have the guilt of eternal damnation.  So what happens to those who die justified and in the state of grace?  Trent teaches:

"We we must believe that to those justified nothing more is wanting from being considered [can. 32] as having satisfied the divine law by those works which have been done in God according to the state of this life, and as having truly merited eternal life to be obtained in its own time (if they shall have departed this life in grace)" (Sess. VI, ch. xvi: Denz. 809).

Dying justified and in the state of grace merits eternal life.  Case closed.

P.S. - I disagree with the contention that there are numerous definitions of BOD.  Find some good pre-Vatican II catechisms and theology manuals and you'll come across a very consistent and coherent understanding of BOD.

"The baptism of desire (baptismus flaminis) is a perfect contrition of heart" (Catholic Encyclopedia, Baptism, X).  Every definition is going to include perfect contrition/charity (as the Holy Office clearly showed).  More explicit definitions include the desire to do God's will and all that's necessary for salvation.

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