Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
Are you now arguing that a man cannot be justified without receiving the actual sacrament, viz. Penance?  Because Trent says otherwise:

"The Council teaches, furthermore, that though it sometimes happens that this contrition is perfect because of charity and reconciles man to God, before this sacrament is actually received, this reconciliation nevertheless must not be ascribed to the contrition itself without the desire of the sacrament which is included in it" (Trent, Sess. XIV, ch. iv: Denz. 898.).

Or are you arguing that there two different states of justification, one for the baptized and one for catechumens?  Please show me where the Church teaches this, if this is indeed your claim.

A man dying with perfect charity dies justified, in the state of grace and thus merits eternal life.  Even Trent states that the final cause of justification is the glory of God and eternal life (cf. Sess. VI, ch. vii: Denz. 799).  You've already admitted that an unbaptized man can be justified and in the state of grace.  That's the Catholic version of "being saved."

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