Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
(12-30-2011, 01:43 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: After a nuclear disaster, a small group of Christian men and women survive in an isolated part of the globe and start rebuilding their community, church and civilisation. However, after a few years, their only priest dies and they're left with no clergy. Nevertheless, the priest had trained a few young men to fulfill his role after he were gone and these men have the sincere desire in their hearts to be ordained. Their only problem is that there's no bishop around and God isn't providing one any time soon. Can they thus be ordained by desire and look after their flock? I don't see why not. It's a matter of Christian survival.
We are talking about the Churchs teaching on BOD, which is part of the Deposit of the Faith, not a ridiculous hypothetical situation where there is no bishop to ordain a man.
Your argument is not at pertainable to this discussion and is a ridiculous non-sequitor to boot.
The Church at Trent, and in many other places, taught that Baptism of Desire is efficacious to salvation.

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