Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
Vetus Ordo Wrote:In fairness, it should be noted that baptism of desire and baptism of blood are teachings proximate to faith, sententiae fidei proxima, that is, doctrines which are regarded by theologians generally as truths of revelation but which have not yet been finally promulgated as such by the Church.

A doctrine "proximate to faith" is "all but unanimously held as revealed by God," with one example being Christ's possession of the Beatific Vision throughout His life on earth.  To deny a doctrine characterized as such is a mortal sin indirectly against faith:

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"Fidei proxima (a truth that is proximate to the faith): a truth which, according to the almost unanimous consensus of theologians, is contained in the Word of God, whether in written form (Sacred Scripture), or handed down orally (Sacred Tradition): e.g., Baptism of Desire.  The error that is opposed to this level of catholic truth is called proxima errori in fide vel haeresi vel haeresim sapiens (proximate to error in faith or proximate to heresy or savoring of heresy)."

Catholics are not free to deny doctrines which are fidei proxima without sin, one of which is the doctrine of baptism of desire (baptismus flaminis).

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