Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles by Fr. Cekada
Jenn, Stubborn, and whoever else,
You can't see the elephant right in front of your face.

When Trent says in one breath there is a necessity, and in the next breath clearly qualifies the necessity in its own catechism, which happens to agree with the majority teaching before and after Trent, you don't see that the need is one that is RELATIVE. Relative means that it relates only to a given situations. Thank God the men at Trent have defined that for us -- quo minus salutari aqua ablui possint (so as to prevent them from being able to be washed with the salutary water). Case closed.

And the other case, which indicates a fondness for shifting the goal-posts when the other arguments fade before one's eyes, is "grace and righteousness". This is rich. Like Trent or any other Church teacher is going to teach that you almost got to heaven. Sort of like making fun of them -- if only the bastards could get some water! Grace and righteousness (gratia et justitia) are none other than sanctifying grace and justification, which are the wings on which souls fly to heaven. Case closed.

And as for "perpetual understanding", you are guilty of offending that, since the perpetual understanding has been a relative necessity of water. Case closed.

If some saints hard a hard time reconciling this teaching, then that's fine. Many had a hard time figuring out the Immaculate Conception. But after Trent and the last 400 years, we have no excuse except obstinacy or lack of intelligence.  Case closed.

And here is my literal reading, for your edification:

But even though this is the case, yet the Church is not accustomed to immediately confer the sacrament of baptism to this race of men, but she has determined [it] to be postponed for a certain time. Nor in fact is this delay a danger even as much as it is imminent in regard to children, as said above, because to them that are endowed with the use of reason, sustaining an intention as well as a determination of baptism, and with repentance for life's action badly done, may sufficiently be for grace and righteousness, if some unexpected emergency should hinder, so as to prevent them from being able to be washed with the salutary water.

Sed quamvis haec ita sint non consuevit tamen ecclesia baptismi sacramentum huic hominum generi statim tribuere sed ad certum tempus differendum esse constituit. Neque enim ea dilatio periculum quod quidem pueris imminere supra dictum est, coniunctum habet, quum illis qui rationis usu praediti sunt baptismi suscipiendi propositum atque consilium, et male actae vitae poenitentia satis futura sit ad gratiam ct iustitiam si repentinus aliquis casus impediat, quo minus salutari aqua ablui possint.

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